[Monetdb-developers] C-Store as MySQL storage engine

Daniel J Abadi dna at MIT.EDU
Sun Aug 26 00:53:59 CEST 2007

Hi Dossy,

There is no source repository/patch submission system in C-Store like 
you'd see in a mature open source community project. C-Store is only 
designed to be used as tool by academic researchers to look at the 
properties of column-oriented database query execution. It is far from a 
complete database system and parts of the code are quite rudimentary. 
Further, it has been neglected recently as many of the people who used to 
code for C-Store are now coding for Vertica.

However, I like the idea of using a column-oriented database as a storage 
engine for MySQL. The thought actually crossed my mind as well recently 
when I read about Solid using their database as a storage engine for 
MySQL. My recommendation is that you look into the Monet instead of 
C-Store, however (http://monetdb.cwi.nl/). They have a far more complete 
open source column-oriented database.

BTW: I came across your blog entry on Vertica recently. IMO, Vertica is 
much more than Sybase IQ, with far more advanced compression schemes, and 
the query executer is better able to take advantage of the column-oriented 
layout (data is kept in columns as long as possible and operated on as 
such). I think Vertica is about 10 times as fast as IQ. Your blog entry 
says you have been in contact recently with the director of sales at 
Vertica who can probably give you more information.


On Fri, 24 Aug 2007, Dossy Shiobara wrote:

> Hi!
> Thanks for the work on C-Store and releasing it as open source under the
> BSD license.
> Is there a source repository for the project?  What's the process for
> submitting patches, etc.?
> I'm currently working on using/adapting C-Store as a storage engine for
> MySQL.  I anticipate needing to make a series of changes to the C-Store
> 0.2 code to make this possible and I'd like to try and get those into
> the official source tree.
> Thanks,
> -- Dossy
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