[Monetdb-developers] Any efforts on using bitmap indices?

Arjen P. de Vries Arjen.de.Vries at cwi.nl
Thu Aug 2 14:52:52 CEST 2007


We have this high on the wishlist, but had no time to do it yet.

The direction we expect to take is to make the underlying text indexing stuff 
from PF/Tijah accessible from SQL.

Notice that we are not so much interested in creating another coupled architecture,
but rather plan to do all FT query processing in plain MonetDB code.
(We have named this approach a multi-model dbms architecture in the past)
So, no integration with Lucene nor Postgres's engine.

Many greetings,


| Thanks for the link, i didnt know MonetDB had fts support. However i am
| looking for the full text search capability in the SQL. Something like
| select * from table where column ='+include this text -but with out this'
| so that we can combine the boolean text query along with the normal joins.
| FastBit ( accorrding to the doc) has integrated this with MonetDB by
| overriding the = operator. 
| Thanks
| Bharani

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