[Monetdb-developers] Building accelerators

Agustin Schapira schapira at cs.umass.edu
Wed Apr 11 15:54:33 CEST 2007

> hmm, this sounds like a triple store. If the number of link-ids is  
> small
> enough (<100K), I would seriously consider horizontal fragmentation
> based on it as a starting point. Then the automatic hash on the
> (from_id,to_id) bat gives you the answer quickly.

We normally have between 25 to 100 million links... ;-)

> How volatile is your data? Otherwise, simply sort them on the oid and
> the hash will bring you quickly to the desired place.

The data change rarely. So, do you think it'd be good to keep three  
sorted BATs (one for link_id, one for from, and one for to) and use  
the appropriate ones?


-- A

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