[Monetdb-developers] Building accelerators

Agustin Schapira schapira at cs.umass.edu
Wed Apr 11 14:27:13 CEST 2007

> Both modules are in MonetDB5/src/modules/mal/{bpm.mx,crackers.mx}
> The former is under active development. It uses an internal structure
> with import/export to BATs as part of the session startup/exit.
> The latter is currently subject to reduction and cleanup to improve
> re-user and maintenance. It uses an AVL tree to keep a catalog of
> routing information in memory.

Thanks, Martin. We'll take a look at them.

Our new datatype is used to store links between objects in the  
database. It's a simple struct with (link_id, from_id, to_id), which  
we store in a central BAT. One common operation is, of course,  
finding the neighbors of a given object, and we would like to be able  
to do that efficiently, without a full table scan every time. We can  
build internal data structures every time we do a select on the BAT,  
but it would be more efficient to have a persistent data structure  
that we can somehow re-use.

We've read the old GIS paper, and our needs are pretty similar to  
those. Is that code still active, somewhere? Could we take a look at  
it? Is there any other place where yo do similar things, such as  
having BATs of a new datatype and searching/joining them efficiently?

Too many questions, I know ;-) Thanks!

-- Agustin

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