[Monetdb-developers] PF: back-merging the "new_updates" branch into the HEAD

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Mon Sep 18 19:55:20 CEST 2006

Dear Pathfinder developers,

you might have noticed, that Peter checked in the initial "raw" version of
his new revised extended XML/XQuery update implementation into a
"new_updates" branch of the pathfinder repository last Monday (Sep 11 2006).

Since then, we spent a week on consolidating the code with respect to
compilation and testing --- at least on our major development platform
Fedora Core 4.

We had decided to use a branch, first, so that the consolidation phase would
not interfere with other development going on on the development trunk

With most of the issues solved, we're now down to only 26 out of 1282 tests
failing; see 
for details.

We consider this stable "enough" to merge the "new_updates" branch back into
the development trunk (HEAD) A.S.A.P., i.e., preferably tomorrow, in order
to (1) avoid further double-lane development and the resulting
synchronization overhead/problems, (2) put the new code under the
surveillance of automatic *multi-platform* testing, and (3) give more of us
the opportunity to test the new code both as such and in combination with
their own extensions.

In particular, the following parts need to be tested (more) intensively

 - algebra version:
   the test-web XMark tests work fine, more hasn't been tested, yet

 - StandOff:
   known to fail, code requires adaption to comply with (new) update schema

 - Tijah:
   not tested at all, mainly because no tests are available in CVS, yet

 - the new document management features:
   hardly (if at all) tested, yet, tests need to be added

Unless there are any severe objections by 2 pm (CEST) tomorrow (Tue, Sep 19
2006), we will perform the back-merge.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Kind regards,


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