[Monetdb-developers] windows VM fragmentation

W.Alink at cwi.nl W.Alink at cwi.nl
Fri Sep 8 17:58:14 CEST 2006

There is a /3GB switch on normal XP versions as well:



> Hi,
> Windows is indeed more vulnerable to VM fragmentation, but we still may
> take
> a look at the current behavior on 32-bits systems. Maybe things are worse
> than they need to be.
> Erwin, maybe you can try on your windows machine to type in the Mserver
> console:
> mem_printmap();
> and report on the results?
> Windows gets some more breathing space when running on an Enterprise
> Edition
> OS, it then can use 3GB instead of 2GB. However, binaries that want to be
> able to use 3GB should be flagged to do so. This can be done using the
> EDITBIN.EXE utility from Microsoft (part of the VC++ dirstribution):
>         /STACK:1048576,65536
>         /HEAP:1677216,65536
>         Mserver.exe
> (Type this all on one command line. It will modify some fields in the
> Mserver.exe binary)
> The above EDITBIN command also reduces the stack space to 1MB per thread
> and
> creates a heap of 16MB. The default stack space on windows is a huge 32MB
> and with all the threads that MonetDB/XQuery creates, you are easily 500MB
> poorer in terms of VM space available.
> [ Sjoerd: we should do this by default on our Win32 builds ]
> Note that the Enterprise Editions of Windows are very expensive. I do
> think
> though, that win32 programs on Windows-64bits edition should be able to
> use
> 3GB, and even 4GB, when running 32-bits compiled programs. So, if you
> posses
> an Athlon64 or modern Pentium4, you could switch to the 64-bits Windows XP
> Professional, which is not very expensive.
> The high VM pressure generated by MonetDB is a feature/design-error that
> at
> this stage is impossible to correct. When compiled in 64-bits (on a
> 64-bits
> OS, of course), though, it is a non-issue. There we can happily play with
> terabytes of VM. For the moment, however, as a MonetDB/XQuery user that
> wants to run 64-bits, your only option is Linux, as we do not provide a
> 64-bits Windows build yet.
> The problem is that Microsoft Visual C++ compiler cannot compile
> MonetDB/XQuery, as we use the full ANSI C-99 standard (which Microsoft
> does
> not support). The current MonetDB/XQuery windows binary is therefore
> compiled with the GNU gcc compiler (MingW), which is only available in
> 32-bit.
> We are trying to address this issue (well, Sjoerd is), and hope to provide
> a
> 64-bits Windows binary in the next major MonetDB/XQuery release.
> Best,
> Peter Boncz
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