[Monetdb-developers] mclient does not close its session.

Romulo Goncalves R.A.Goncalves at cwi.nl
Wed Oct 25 11:37:12 CEST 2006

Dear developers,

I start a mserver5, I load the sql module, and I start a sql client with 
sql.start() in the mserver prompt.

In a new shell I start an mclient and I load a sql file to create a user 
and a schema within one transaction:

mclient < create_user.sql

After to run this command line the client never closes its session. I 
check the mserver system tables and the user and the schema were created.

This is the file loaded in mclient:


CREATE USER "skyserver" WITH PASSWORD 'skyserver' NAME 'SkyServer' 
SCHEMA "sys";CREATE SCHEMA "skyserver" AUTHORIZATION "skyserver";
ALTER USER "skyserver" SET SCHEMA "skyserver";


Any idea?


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