[Monetdb-developers] re-organizing PF/MXQ tests

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Thu Oct 12 10:02:10 CEST 2006

Dear all,

before adding another ~80 tests (all 4 flavors of the XBench benchmark
suite) to the current pathfinder test set of 1384 tests,
I'd like to propose a re-organization/re-structuring of the pathfinder test

With all tests enabled, testing takes almost 30 minutes --- with an
optimized 64-bit binary with 32-bit OIDs on my Athlon64 X2 3800+ (2GHz) with

A quick analysis clusters the tests in 5 categories:

1) compiler ("pf" only) tests
2) tests for features provided by the MXQ runtime
3) tests for additional/optional modules (PFtijah)
4) tests derived from bug reports, use cases, etc.
5) benchmark tests

Currently, the respective tests reside in the follwoing directory trees:

1) compiler//
2) runtime//
3) modules//
4) tests//
5) tests//

This allows to conveniently run each category individually (e.g., 
`Mtest -r compiler/`), except from the "tests/" tree, which contains two
categories: 4 & 5.

I propose to replace
5) tests//
5) benchmarks//
i.e., add "benchmarks/" and move all benchmark tests from tests// to
benchmarks//, basically:
 mv tests/{MBench,X007,XBench,XMach-1,XMark,XPath,XPathMark} benchmarks/

Additionally, I'd suggest to also move the
 tests/XRpc/xmark_queries to benchmarks/XMark/XRpc

Open question: should we then also move
 tests/Music to benchmarks/Music ?


Well, as you might imagine, I'v everything ready here for checkin ;-)

Hence, unless there are complains or different suggestions by Saturday (Oct
14 2006) morning, I'll apply above changes during the weekend.

Kind regards,


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