[Monetdb-developers] Mapi and locality

Sándor Héman Sandor.Heman at cwi.nl
Sun Nov 26 17:42:40 CET 2006


I have a problem with Mapi which did not seem to occur in previous  
releases of MonetDB (<4.15).
In the past, I could start an Mserver with a mil script that declared  
some PROCs, and then let
this Mserver accept Mapi connections, with the Mapi clients being  
able to call the functions that
were declared in the server-side startup script. However, since the  
latest release, the server-side
PROCs seem to be invisible to the client:

MAPI  = monetdb at kanda:50012
QUERY = template_conj_2(1, bat(void, lng).seqbase(0 at 0).append(lng 
ERROR = !ERROR: interpret: no matching MIL operator to  
'template_conj_2(int, BAT[oid,lng])'.

If I execute exactly the same call in the server-side console, it  
just works...

Any ideas on this? And whether there is an easy fix?



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