[Monetdb-developers] MapiClient asynchronous interface?

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Sun Nov 19 11:22:17 CET 2006

Fabian Groffen wrote:
> On 18-11-2006 19:14:31 +0100, Johann Borck wrote:
>> Fabian Groffen wrote:
> Unfortunately the current "embedded" MonetDB is nothing but a
> "limited-to-one-connection" server, thus avoiding the need for locks.
> It still requires Mapi TCP connections and a running daemonised server,
> hence does require context switches and TCP send/receive actions.
But this overhead can be removed relatively easy if you are willing
to spent some time in patching Mapi.mx. I guess it would cost
just a day or two to get rid of the TCP part. I would still use a
two-threaded embedded process structure, because this does not require protocol
changes. Such a compile-time version could improve the embedded version

Of course, you can gain much more if you directly call SQL/XQRY/MIL/MAL procs
and deal with their results as well. But, this is paid in weeks/months and
most likely application specific.

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