[Monetdb-developers] MapiClient asynchronous interface?

Johann Borck johann.borck at densedata.com
Sat Nov 18 19:14:31 CET 2006

Fabian Groffen wrote:
> Ok, but in this situation, it looks to me as if you would benefit from a
> "real" embedded version of MonetDB, where you just talk to a library
> instead, omitting all costs of Mapi/TCP and simply stick to method calls.
Is this what's mentioned in the docs/examples as embedded mode, or even
lower level? I thought about using it embedded, but what scared me a bit
is that locking is turned of completely when using it this way, and so
big transactions could make smaller ones wait. OTOH real big
transactions are not very probable for my usecase and the embedded
version is probably very very fast :). 
> Is asynchronous equal to non-blocking IO in your case?  The latter one
> should be too hard, I suppose...
Yep, it implies non-blocking IO. All right.. I think first I should see
how the embedded stuff works out.  thanks for the suggestion,

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