[Monetdb-developers] *start() functions

Henning Rode h.rode at cs.utwente.nl
Wed Nov 8 14:11:35 CET 2006

hej niels,

interesting... i probably missed the announcement that pfstart() is now
deprecated. what's the new way to then to run xqueries in the mapiclient
? (i was just wondering why my old startup scripts do not work anymore,
after installing the newest pathfinder/monetdb version this morning)

best -henning

Niels Nes wrote:
> MonetDB developers
> As the pfstart() is now depricated, it might be a good moment to say goodbye
> to all these *start functions. We could simply start mapi by default in
> the mapi module (local or remote connections should be controlled by an
> monetdb env var then). Any objects to push this cleanup through the
> release branch?
> Niels

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