[Monetdb-developers] XQuery: cant reproduce testweb results

Wouter Alink w.alink at alumnus.utwente.nl
Wed Nov 1 23:23:12 CET 2006


I've been trying to compile and run MonetDB/XQuery (the head) for a few
evenings now, but I can't get the results like the testweb shows. I'm using
isoda.ins.cwi.nl, and was expecting the testweb to become as-green-as the

- the last sources I compiled were from this evening (0.13.1)
- During configure or make, their were no errors, neither in buildtools,
monetdb or pathfinder.

- Mtest_MonetDB shows almost completely green testresults (like the testWeb)
- with Mtest_pathfinder almost half of the queries fail. 

Many of the failing tests show stdout output as provided below. I have >1.5
GB of free disk-space. By now I must have thrown away any part of the
MonetDB system (including dbfarms and Monetdb.confs) at least twice, before
trying again. Also, none of my environment variables seem to point to old
installations of MonetDB. 

Does anybody have any clue what i'm doing wrong?

All your help is welcome,
Thanks in advance,

p.s. Stefan: I noticed that Mtest.py sets sql_logdir twice. I guessed that
at the second occasion it should set xquery_logdir. (lineno. 2586 in

stdout of test 'ID.1187994-a` in directory 'tests/BugsViaSourgeforce` 
# 22:36:07 > 
# 22:36:07 > Mtimeout -timeout 180 Mserver 
"--config=/ufs/alink/local/etc/MonetDB.conf" --debug=10 --set 
--set "gdk_dbfarm=/ufs/alink/local/var/MonetDB/dbfarm" --set 
"sql_logdir=/ufs/alink/local/var/MonetDB/sql_logs" --set 
"xquery_logdir=/ufs/alink/local/var/MonetDB/xquery_logs" --set 
mapi_port=30644 --set monet_prompt= --trace 
"--dbname=mTests_tests_BugsViaSourgeforce" --dbinit="module(pathfinder); 
pfstart();" ; echo ; echo Over..
# 22:36:07 > 
# Monet Database Server V4.13.1
# Copyright (c) 1993-2006, CWI. All rights reserved.
# Compiled for x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu/64bit with 64bit OIDs; 
dynamically linked.
# Visit http://monetdb.cwi.nl/ for further information.
!ERROR: GDKload: cannot read: name=43, ext=theap, 40 bytes missing.
!OS: No such file or directory
!ERROR: GDKload failed: name=43, ext=theap
!ERROR: BATSIGcrash: Mserver internal error (Segmentation fault), please 
!ERROR: (One potential cause could be that your disk might be full...)

! Server not ready; skipping attempt to start client!

# 22:36:07 > 
# 22:36:07 > Done.
# 22:36:07 > 

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