[Monetdb-developers] New vs. Existing Update Syntax

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at acm.org
Thu May 18 12:29:30 CEST 2006

Jens Teubner wrote:
> Hi MonetDB/XQuery folks,
> I'm in the midst of implementing the support for the "official" XQuery
> Update Facility syntax.  So far it looks like the current code is pretty
> good in line with the W3C draft.  The update operations in the draft are
> very similar to the update functions we currently have.  A few
> questions, however, appeared when implementing the new syntax:
>  -- It seems to me like we do not (yet) have a rename() function that
>     only changes the tag name of a given element, attribute, or
>     processing-instruction node.

That's correct, we don't have such a function.

>  -- It is not clear to me how our current insert-...() functions handle
>     attributes in the new node list.

The new nodes may contain attributes.  They are inserted with the new nodes.

>     The W3C draft provides separate upd:insertAttributes ($element,
>     $attlist) and upd:insertBefore ($element, $nodelist) functions (and
>     similar).  The translation from the surface syntax to the update
>     operations then takes care of invoking the right functions.

Is upd:insertAttributes similar to our set-attribute function (except
that set-attribute works on a single attribute)?

>     Unfortunately, this translation (the split-up of attributes and the
>     rest in particular) is non-trivial in XQuery Core.  So we could--in
>     line with the current implementation of element construction--push
>     this treatment of attributes into the back-end.
>     Any comments on this?  How does the current code deal with
>     attributes in the arguments of insert-...()?

They're inserted.

> So far for now,
> Jens

Sjoerd Mullender
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