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Swati Tata swtata at uky.edu
Thu Mar 16 14:40:50 CET 2006

Thank you everyone for your responses.  I am working on a project on persistant storage of XML documents. Where I have simultaneously query multiple XML documents that are persistantly stored  (but not cached) in a database like monetdb. I do all the querying using JDBC. I was wondering if there is any way that I can storage the XMLdocuments through my program rather than explicitly storing them using the shred_doc() before the execution of the program. Once again Thank you all.


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Fabian, Jens,

thanks you very much for providing Swati (and all other readers of this
list) with the detailed information.

Swati (and others), 

here's the "missing" bit:

>  o Upon each access to a cached document, MonetDB will try to figure out
>    if the document has changed since caching it.  In particular, it
>    verifies file size and timestamp for documents in the local
>    filesystem.  (I don't know, actually, what the caching system does
>    for documents from the network.)

# Monet Database Server V4.10.3 # Copyright (c) 1993-2006, CWI. All rights reserved.
# Compiled for x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu/64bit with 64bit OIDs; dynamically linked.
# Visit http://monetdb.cwi.nl/ for further information.
# signature                                               # name
# str                                                     # type
[ "delete_all_docs(bit) : void"                           ]
[ "delete_doc(str) : void"                                ]
[ "pfstart(bit, lng) : void"                              ]
[ "shred_doc(str, str) : void"                            ]
[ "xmlcache_add_rule(str, any) : void"                    ]
[ "xmlcache_del_rule(str) : void"                         ]
[ "xmlcache_print() : void"                               ]
[ "xmlcache_print_rules() : void"                         ]
[ "xmldb_print() : void"                                  ]
[ "xquery(mode str, xquery str, is_url bit) : str "       ]
[ "xquery_server(Stream in, Stream out) : void "          ]
[ "xquery_start_query_cache(lng) : ptr"                   ]
PROC:      xmlcache_add_rule(str, lng) : void
no text available

PROC:      xmlcache_add_rule(str, any) : void
MODULE:    pathfinder
COMPILED:  by boncz on May 2005
add a new URI lifetime rule.

The XML document cache keeps indexed copies of documents that where recently
used in the fn:doc(URI) xquery function.

The size of the cache is controlled using the 'xquery_cacheMB' setting in
the 'MonetDB.conf' file.

For file URIs, the cache looks at the last-modification-time of the file on disk
to guarantee that the cached document is still up-to-date for answering queries from.

For other URIs, *lifetime rules* determine how long documents can stay in the cache.
Each lifetime rule consists of a URI prefix and the registered seconds of lifetime.

The rule with longest prefix that matches an URI counts. Specifying a lifetime
of 'int(nil)' seconds means that the URI will *not* be cached at all.
This is also the default if no prefix matches an URI.

The name of a cached document is the same as its location (URI). For explicitly
shredded documents (with 'shred_doc(location,name)'), the name is an 'alias' and
may differ from the URI. Explicitly shredded documents fall outside the XML document
cache; documents are only removed at explicit user request (with 'delete_doc(name)').




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