[Monetdb-developers] (Almost) ready to release "Ceres"

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Thu Jun 22 21:20:43 CEST 2006

Dear all,

finally, we are (almost) ready to release the new versions 
		MonetDB 4.12.0
		MonetDB/SQL 2.12.0
		MonetDB/XQuery 0.12.0
also nicknamed
		"Ceres" --- a small detour on our trip to Mars

"Almost" means that all source are "stable" and all packages are built.
The latter are (temporarily) available from
The respective CVS versions are tagged as

Please do not touch these tags.

Propagation of future bug fixes from the release branches to the development
trunk will be suspended until Sjoerd and me are back from our trip at te
beginning of July.

What's missing is to upload all this to SF (those at CWI will find all files
incl. the usual release notes and chang logs in
/net/corona.ins.cwi.nl/export/scratch0/manegold/MonetDB_4-12-0/ ).

Further, the web site has to be updated and the release needs to be announced
(a template for the announce mail is in 
/net/corona.ins.cwi.nl/export/scratch0/manegold/MonetDB_4-12-0/AnnounceMail-4.12.0 ).

Since I have to catch my plane to Chicago tomorrow morning, I'll leave these
tasks trustfully to you.


ps: As you might have noticed, I'm only talking about the M4 related
    release.  I was not aware that the M5 alpha source-tarball-only release
    was planned to happen together with the M4 release; I thought they only
    "by chance" happened to happen at about the same time...

    I agree with Fabian, that the M5 alpha source-tarball-only release
    should indeed be based on the M4 [421].12.0 release(s), but I had no
    time to take care of that and/or to shift M5 testing from the "Current"
    to the "Stable" branch.

    But since the M4 [421].12.0 release(s) are now ready, please feel free
    to use them to build the M5 alpha source-tarball-only release ;-)

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