[Monetdb-developers] We're green!

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Thu Jun 22 13:12:27 CEST 2006

On 22-06-2006 13:02:54 +0200, Stefan Manegold wrote:
> > There's one little show stopper for me, which is M5/SQL, which is not so
> > green at all.  I don't know where the fix will be.  If it will be in M5
> > code, nothing has to change, but if the fix will be in SQL code, then
> > I'd like to have that fix included in the release.  It all depends on
> > how quick this bug can be found, of course.  I guess some assessment
> > needs to be made with regard to this in the light of the M5 alpha
> > release.
> I was purely talking about the MonetDB 4.12, MonetDB/SQL 2.12,
> MonetDB/XQuery 0.12 release, i.e., M4 release branches, only.
> M5 and hence M5/SQL are based on the development trunks (CVS HEADs) of
> MonetDB[4], sql and monet5, and hence are themselves as well as the
> respective M5 alpha tarball-only release independent of the M4-based 
> MonetDB 4.12, MonetDB/SQL 2.12, MonetDB/XQuery 0.12 release.

IMHO M5/alpha should run against stable, not current.  It makes no sense
to rerelease the whole bunch of files, especially not if you suppose to
do it at the same time.
I've been running/compiling/testing M5 against stable for the last

> Hence, M5/sql propoblen are ("luckily" ;-)) no showstopper for the
> M4-based release.
> Appart from that, the M5/sql problems seems to be "only" a compilation
> problem of sql/src/backends/monet5/ with icc:

You mean... "only" = some platforms are completely red, and not a single
Java based test succeeds.

Anyway, let's kill the flames, you're the release engineer.  I'll
patch/fix afterwards again.

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