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Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Thu Jun 22 13:02:54 CEST 2006

On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 12:30:05PM +0200, Fabian Groffen wrote:
> On 22-06-2006 06:42:59 +0200, Stefan Manegold wrote:
> > our TestWeb gives us an "all green" for the release:
> > 
> > Hence, I strongly propose that we use the respective code base (tagged as
> > "MonetDB_4-12-0", "SQL_2-12-0", "XQuery_0-12-0", respectively, in CVS) for
> > the release. Any future changes should/will then go into the next (bug-fix?)
> > release. 
> > I also saved last nights daily built packages to be used for the release.
> > They're available at
> > http://monetdb.cwi.nl/testing/projects/monetdb/Stable/.DailyBuilds.MonetDB_4-12-0./
> There's one little show stopper for me, which is M5/SQL, which is not so
> green at all.  I don't know where the fix will be.  If it will be in M5
> code, nothing has to change, but if the fix will be in SQL code, then
> I'd like to have that fix included in the release.  It all depends on
> how quick this bug can be found, of course.  I guess some assessment
> needs to be made with regard to this in the light of the M5 alpha
> release.

I was purely talking about the MonetDB 4.12, MonetDB/SQL 2.12,
MonetDB/XQuery 0.12 release, i.e., M4 release branches, only.

M5 and hence M5/SQL are based on the development trunks (CVS HEADs) of
MonetDB[4], sql and monet5, and hence are themselves as well as the
respective M5 alpha tarball-only release independent of the M4-based 
MonetDB 4.12, MonetDB/SQL 2.12, MonetDB/XQuery 0.12 release.

Hence, M5/sql propoblen are ("luckily" ;-)) no showstopper for the M4-based release.

Appart from that, the M5/sql problems seems to be "only" a compilation problem of sql/src/backends/monet5/ with icc:

icc -no-gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/sql/src/backends/monet5 -I../../.. -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/sql/src/backends/monet5 -I../../include -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/sql/src/backends/monet5/../../include -I../../common -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/sql/src/backends/monet5/../../common -I../../storage -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/sql/src/backends/monet5/../../storage -I../../server -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/sql/src/backends/monet5/../../server -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB/C -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/monet5/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB5/atoms -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/monet5/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB5/compiler -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/monet5/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB5/kernel -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/monet5/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB5/mal -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/monet5/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB5/mil -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/monet5/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB5/optimizer -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/monet5/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB5 -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB/common -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB/gdk -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB/monet -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB/plain -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB/contrib -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB/mapi -I/export/scratch0/monet/monet.ntv.64.32.d.5868/MonetDB/.ntv.64.32.d-Fedora4/include/MonetDB/C -DLIBSQL -we140 -wd1418 -c99 -Wall -w2 -mp1 -O3 -restrict -unroll -tpp7 -axWP -we266 -Werror -wd1418,1419,279,981,810,193,111,1357,1572,1599 -c sql.c  -KPIC -DPIC -o .libs/lib_sql_la-sql.o
sql_gencode.h(15): error #310: old-style parameter list (anachronism)
  sql_export void initSQLreferences();

compilation aborted for sql.c (code 2)
make[7]: *** [lib_sql_la-sql.lo] Error 1


ps: Also the development trunks (CVS HEADs) of MonetDB[4], sql, and
    (especially) pathfinder look (much) worse than the respective release
    branches, but that's to be solved after the release...

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