[Monetdb-developers] We're green!

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Thu Jun 22 06:42:59 CEST 2006

Dear all,

appart from some minor platform-dependent issues 
--- some scattered failing test with MonetDB, no Java/ant on the SuSE
machine in Konstanz, (yet) lacking/incomplete locale/utf-8 support on our
Solaris 10/x86 machine, (most probably) flex/bison-releated XQuery parser
problems on Debian, no (utf-8 enabled) PCRE on SuSE and Solaris 10/x86,
failing (hanging) `make install` on CygWin ---
our TestWeb gives us an "all green" for the release:

or directly

Thank you all very much for your hard and focused work!

Wrt. the TestWeb, this is probably the cleanest ("greenest") state we've had
so far!

Hence, I strongly propose that we use the respective code base (tagged as
"MonetDB_4-12-0", "SQL_2-12-0", "XQuery_0-12-0", respectively, in CVS) for
the release. Any future changes should/will then go into the next (bug-fix?)
I also saved last nights daily built packages to be used for the release.
They're available at

To do/finish the release, we should check and update the MonetDB web site
http://monetdb.cwi.nl/ and prepare some release notes. Any help (also from
outside CWI, e.g., with checking the web site) is more than welcome!

For Sjoerd:

The code base of your last-night's Windows builds is tagged as
Would it be possible to make new builds from the latest
"{MonetDB_4,SQL_2,XQuery_0}-12-0" code base?

Once again, thank you all very much, and let's continue working on this
great project!


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