[Monetdb-developers] Reminder: MonetDB Bug-Etiquette

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Sun Jun 18 22:09:13 CEST 2006

Dear all,

since the last MonetDB "BugDay" on Dec 19 2005, many bugs have been reported
and fixed.

Unfortunately, not all bug reports that have been closed since then have
been backed-up by a test script in CVS to verify and monitor to validity of
the respective bug fix, as described in the "MonetDB Bug-Etiquette"
(cf. one of

According to the "MonetDB Bug-Etiquette", a bug report should (may/must) not
be closed without adding a respective test to our test system in CVS.

While both the user/submitter that reports the bug and the
developer/assignee that fixes it should share the task of "designing" the
test and adding it to the test system in CVS, we agreed that the
developer/assignee is finally "responsible" that the test is indeed added
*before* the bug report is closed.

To ensure the stability and correctness of MonetDB and its companions and to
avoid that supposedly fixed bug sneak in again unnoticed, I'd like to ask
all of you that reported and/or fix any bug(s) since Dec 19 2005
the following favour:

Please check all "your" bugs (see * below) since Dec 19 2005, whether a test
has been added or not.
+ If the comments in the bug report are not clear, please check the CVS
+ If you're a user/submitter and don't know where to look or what to do,
  please remind the respective developer/assignee of your bug by added a
  respective comment and re-opening the bug report.
+ If there is a test, or no test is necessary or feasible, but the
  bug-report does not mention this clearly, please add a new comment that
  explains the situation.
+ If there is no test although there should be one, please re-open the bug
  report with a respective comment to indicate that a test must be added. 
  As said before, "users/submitters" are welcome to help adding tests, but
  developers/assignees are finally responsible that the tests are indeed

Please recall, we plan to release MonetDB 4.12, MonetDB/SQL 2.12 and
MonetDB/XQuery 0.12 soon (i.e., before the end of this month),
and we all want them to be as stable and "bug-free" as possible...!

Feel free to use these channels to comment and/or ask questions.

Thank you all very much for your contributions to make MonetDB even better
than it already is!

Kind regards,


*) To find "your" bugs, just 
  - go to http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=56967&atid=482468 ,
  - select your username from the list "Assignee:",
  - or enter your username as "Submitter username (show mine):"
    (and set "Assignee:" to "Any"),
  - set "Status:", "Category:" & "Group:" to "Any",
  - set "Sort By:" to "Open Date" and "Descending",
  - and click on "Browse".

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