[Monetdb-developers] pathfinder propagations: XQuery_0-12 release branch -> development trunk

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Sun Jun 18 16:26:27 CEST 2006

Dear all,

due to the great differences between the two code bases,
it is hardly possible to automatically propagate bugfixes from the 
pathfinder XQuery_0-12 release branch to the 
pathfinder development trunk.

Hence, I kindly ask you to help in doing these propagations by hand as

- in case you fix a bug in either branch that also applies to the other
  branch, please feel free to do the respective propagation (or
  double check-in) yourself
  *and* state *clearly* in your check-in message that these two check-ins
  solve the same problem in both branches!

- in case your fix applies to the other branch as well, but you are not able
  to do the propagation (or double check-in) yourself, please request me to
  do so by clearly mentioning this request in your check-in message
  (or even by asking me directly)!

- if your fix applies ONLY to the one branch where you check it in,
  please state clearly that no propagation is required!

In case you have checked-in changes to either branch since the creation of
the XQuery_0-12 release branch on Monday June 12 2006, but have not
propagated it to the other branch yourself, although it should be
propagated, please let me know (in detail) which check-ins still need to be
propagated and from where to where.

Thank you very much for you cooperation!


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