[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB release meeting

Peter Boncz boncz at cwi.nl
Tue Jun 6 19:17:25 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Was busy with CIKM deadline on monday, and today in Twente at TDM.. so now
my input.

For the XQuery release, the following input:

- finish commit and recovery
  MUST 3 weeks peter,sjoerd (help from Niels?)
- fixing of the indexing strategy under updates
  MUST 1 week stefan (sjoerd?)
- adapting scj for candidate lists to be resistent against holes
  SHOULD 1 day stefan
- finishing the multi-document support (shredding, api, parent/anc steps)
  MUST 1 week peter (sjoerd?)
- stabilizing SOAP
  MUST 3 weeks jennie (can be done in testing phase)
- porting standoff to updates
  MUST 1 week? wouter
- making standoff a runtime setting purely
  SHOULD ? wouter
- implementing flexible standoff 'declare option'
  SHOULD ? wouter
- support for w3c update syntax
- performance testing under read-only scenarios (at least XMark)
  MUST 1 week, sjoerd,peter,stefan
- formulating some benchmark update queries, testing those, fixing most
pressing issues
  MUST 3 weeks, sjoerd,peter,stefan

plus documentation..

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Subject: Re: MonetDB release meeting

Alpha release of the MonetDB V5 05-05-2006
- Responsible: Martin/Niels
- Delay: mostly due to agenda constraints
- Status:
-- M5 tree has been cleaned out to enable selective
dissemination of a workable system.
-- M5/SQL quality >= M4/SQL
-- Testweb is 99% clean
- New Date: any day now

- Roadblocks:
--the envisioned meta-bootstrap is not available, which
requires users to be aware on how to compile/install SQL and M4 kernel
[Stefan? weeks into the future]
-- the distribution should be tested on Windows as well.
[Sjoerd? days into the future?]

-Features foreseen in 2006:
-- SQL documentation completion
-- Replication Services
-- Distributed Query Execution
-- Merge with (revamped) MonetDB web
-- Datacell demo application

As soon as the first XQuery examples run, the full-release
date will be set, marking the transition to the 5-line and
consequential roll-forward of other bits & pieces.

regards, Martin
Martin Kersten wrote:
> LS,
> To speedup a discussion on Wednesday and to give everyone (offline) an
> opportunity to contribute, I would greatly appreciate an a priori email
> discussion to identify scope of delay, tasks pending, and possible
> actions to be undertaken.
> This way, the meeting can concentrate on decision making, rather then
> status assessment.
>  From our website:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Items planned for release V4.12  25-06-2006
> This release is geared at consolidation of the XQuery functionality.
>     * XQuery: XUpdate and API's
>     * XQuery: support for large numbers of small documents
>     * XQuery: standoff, extension to the XPath axis
>     * Kernel: caching small garbaged BATs for speed
>     * APIs: Xrpc (remote procedure using soap)
>     * SQL: support for triggers
>     * SQL: full support for global and local temporary tables
>     * Kernel: support for fragmented memory mapped BATs
>     * Mapi: an other round of performance improvements
>     * 64 bit Windows installer.
>     * Kernel: cleanup (removal of uchr, new types byte and word).
> Items planned for later and upon need
>     * SQL: support for the XMLtype
>     * SQL: Stored procedures.
>     * A basic GIS module.
>     * Improve bulk-loading stream-based processing
>     * DatabasePool, to manage multiple Mserver instances
>     * Re-organize and redo performance benchmarks
>     * Migration tools from Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
> Alpha release of the MonetDB V5 05-05-2006
> This is an alpha release for the new strand and provides a fully
> functional MonetDB/SQL/JDBC setup. Until the official release date, the
> code is available to our partners on a need to know basis. A peek
> preview into the new architecture and its impact on you application
> setting can obtained from the (highly volatile) MonetDB Version 5
> Reference Manual.
> ----------------------------- End 'Quote' ----------------------------
> Please could each of you responsible for the item summarize its
> state, roadblocks, and time needed to prepare for a freeze/release.
> Also indicate features that should start finding its place on the
> list for the next release(s).
> Note, we should adhire to the modus in open-source software land
> to release repeatedly. Not when everything is carved in concrete.
> In this respect I welcome 'keyword-focussed' improvements since
> the previous release that are worthwhile for others (e.g. SQL
> catalog management has been revamped into a full delta-processing
> scheme. This made triggers possible.)
> I wouldn't be surprised if the First-price may not be in immediate
> reach, but that sufficient meat is on the table to get a release out.
> regards, Martin
> Niels Nes wrote:
>> MonetDB developers
>> On wednessday morning (june 7) from 10:00 till 12:00 we will have
>> another MonetDB meeting.
>> Reason we missed our target freeze date and therefor will miss the
>> release date of end of june. So we should reset those dates, assess
>> the tasks at hand and possibly resuffle some of the work.
>> Niels

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