[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB release meeting

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Mon Jun 5 14:03:51 CEST 2006


To speedup a discussion on Wednesday and to give everyone (offline) an
opportunity to contribute, I would greatly appreciate an a priori email
discussion to identify scope of delay, tasks pending, and possible
actions to be undertaken.

This way, the meeting can concentrate on decision making, rather then
status assessment.

 From our website:
Items planned for release V4.12  25-06-2006
This release is geared at consolidation of the XQuery functionality.

     * XQuery: XUpdate and API's
     * XQuery: support for large numbers of small documents
     * XQuery: standoff, extension to the XPath axis
     * Kernel: caching small garbaged BATs for speed
     * APIs: Xrpc (remote procedure using soap)
     * SQL: support for triggers
     * SQL: full support for global and local temporary tables
     * Kernel: support for fragmented memory mapped BATs
     * Mapi: an other round of performance improvements
     * 64 bit Windows installer.
     * Kernel: cleanup (removal of uchr, new types byte and word).

Items planned for later and upon need

     * SQL: support for the XMLtype
     * SQL: Stored procedures.
     * A basic GIS module.
     * Improve bulk-loading stream-based processing
     * DatabasePool, to manage multiple Mserver instances
     * Re-organize and redo performance benchmarks
     * Migration tools from Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

Alpha release of the MonetDB V5 05-05-2006

This is an alpha release for the new strand and provides a fully 
functional MonetDB/SQL/JDBC setup. Until the official release date, the 
code is available to our partners on a need to know basis. A peek 
preview into the new architecture and its impact on you application 
setting can obtained from the (highly volatile) MonetDB Version 5 
Reference Manual.
----------------------------- End 'Quote' ----------------------------

Please could each of you responsible for the item summarize its
state, roadblocks, and time needed to prepare for a freeze/release.

Also indicate features that should start finding its place on the
list for the next release(s).

Note, we should adhire to the modus in open-source software land
to release repeatedly. Not when everything is carved in concrete.
In this respect I welcome 'keyword-focussed' improvements since
the previous release that are worthwhile for others (e.g. SQL
catalog management has been revamped into a full delta-processing
scheme. This made triggers possible.)

I wouldn't be surprised if the First-price may not be in immediate
reach, but that sufficient meat is on the table to get a release out.

regards, Martin

Niels Nes wrote:
> MonetDB developers
> On wednessday morning (june 7) from 10:00 till 12:00 we will have another 
> MonetDB meeting.
> Reason we missed our target freeze date and therefor will miss the release 
> date of end of june. So we should reset those dates, assess the tasks at hand 
> and possibly resuffle some of the work.
> Niels

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