[Monetdb-developers] feature freeze

Peter Boncz boncz at cwi.nl
Sat Jun 3 00:19:29 CEST 2006


Feature freeze?

One little problem: none of the XQuery targets is met (updates, soap,
multi-document). So what do you (or you talk about "we") want to release? In
my opinion - but correct me if I'm wrong - the goal of the release is the
new XQuery version that brings updates.

Thus I am against a feature freeze on monday. Creating the branch now will
just create propagation overhead.

It will take al least another 3 weeks until the basic features will be
implemented, after that we have to go into a testing and packaging period

Of course one should try to impose limits and milestones. Or even scrap
goals if the milestones are never made. But in this case there is clear
progress being made.


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