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I've been following the developments of MonetDB off and on. It seems to
me that there is a real emphasis on XML-related functionality, and less
so for BI-related functionality.

I wanted to ask if there are any plans to allow tables to be partitioned
by some condition. This would have a couple of benefits. A table could
be broken out into several BAT files, one for each condition met. That
would allow you to potentially overcome the 2 GB BAT file limitation on
32 bit systems. And of course, when adding intelligence into the
optimizer for this, it could examine the conditions of queries and
potentially eliminate entire BAT files to scan.

For example, assume you table tab with a column named sometype, and used
sometype for partitioning. Sometype has 10 possible values. Physically,
MonetDB would create 10 different BAT files for each column,
corresponding to each possible value. When a query is executed with a
condition like "sometype = 1", the optimizer is smart enough to know it
need only use 1 set of the bat files, and not all 10, significantly
reducing the amount of data that needs to be examined.

If you are familiar with PostgreSQL, they introduced something like this
called Constraint Exclusion Partitioning. Each partition is treated as a
subtable of a main parent table. You are required to insert directly
into the proper subtable, but querying on the main parent table will
determine which subtables are required to be examined in processing the
query. Their scheme is not entirely convenient with loading up data, but
it is quite flexible in setting up arbitrary conditions on the

Are there any such plans to do something similar? At what state is this
in? I believe I saw something about Partitioning on the roadmap several
months ago. The MonetDB home page mentions OLAP, and it would seem to me
that a feature like this is critical if MonetDB really wants to handle
Business Intelligence type of queries.


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