[Monetdb-developers] Another Question about use Aqua Datastudio

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Sun Jul 16 17:32:51 CEST 2006

The author of the ODBC code will definitely look at this discussion
tomorrow morning (Dutch Time ;-)) and may give you some more targeted

china-davy wrote:
> ok,you are right.Aqua Datastudio can connect the MonetDB via jdbc,I have
> tried it ,there is no problem.
> Let me describe the background of my question I asked before.
> I have a TPC-C benchmark test program,it is used for testing the performance
> of a DBMS.
> I have use this program tested some DBMS(say,ORA,DB2,Postgres,and so on),all
> the DBMS were connected   via the odbc driver,and all these DBMS odbc driver
> can be configured easily.I only need tell the odbc some connect
> information,say,destanation host name,database name,login name,and so on.
> So,I want to connect the remote MonetDB server.That is why i ask so many
> question about odbc driver and connect to a remote MonetDB server.
> Davy
> China 

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