[Monetdb-developers] Another Question about use Aqua Datastudio

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Sun Jul 16 15:52:37 CEST 2006

The latest documentation is shown below.
I'm trying out version 4.7 to see if there are changes we should know about.

regards, Martin

2.8.1 Aqua Data Studio

Aqua Data Studio is a graphical user interface to interact with 
MonetDB/SQL. It is available on Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms from 
the distribution site. Download the Version 4.5 executable and install 
the software.

The first step to make Aqua Data Studio aware of MonetDB is to register 
the database server . Go to the Server->Register Server panel and select 
the Generic- JDBC RDBMS theme. It requires the following additional 
field settings:

Name: 	MonetDB SQL
Type: 	Whatever you want
Login Name: 	monetdb
Password: 	monetdb
URL 	jdbc:monetdb://localhost/database
Driver: 	nl.cwi.monetdb.jdbc.MonetDriver
Driver Location: 	C:\Program 

The location of the JDBC driver under Linux and OSX is by default 

Once the settings has been completed, start the MonetDB server and try 
to connect. If necessary extend the heap size of your java engine, e.g. 
use -Xmx1024M .

china-davy wrote:
> When I use Aqua Data Studio 4.7 as a SQL client,I must register a database
> first.
> If I want to connect a remote server,I must fill in all the blank in the
> Server Properties .
> For example:I must fill in the following information
> Name: Remote-monet-server
> Type: Production
> Login Name: monetdb
> Password:monetdb
> Datasource: this field I don not know how to write :(
> Can you tell me how to fill in this field?
> When I use "MonetDB",I can only connect localhost server,
> if I want to connetct the remote server,
> how to write the Datasource? "MonetDB at" is right??
> Davy
> China

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