[Monetdb-developers] Get xquery timing, Error when running examples, etc

kla gw klarinda.gw at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 11:29:31 CEST 2006


I just started to use MonetDB. My PC is Windows XP. I installed the
MonetDB-XQuery-0.10.2.msi and few weeks later after the newer version come
out, I uninstalled from Control Panel & install 0.12.0.

I have several questions:

1. How to run the query from the command prompt and get the
timing? Currently, everytime I want to run the query, I have to start XQuery
Server (start - all programs - monetdb xquery - XQuery Server). After that I
save the xquery into .xq file, then run it by right click - open with
MPFClient. I've tried the following in XQuery Server but it gives me error:

MonetDB>MapiClient -T -lx test.xq;
!ERROR: "MapiClient -T -lx test.xq;"
!                                  ^
! can't help you here, sorry.

2. I tried to run the example in the website, books1.xq and books2.xq and
slashdot.xq. In the files, the xml file is from internet. But when I run the
files, the following error message come out:

ERROR: No such file or directoryI/O warning : failed to load external entity
ERROR: shred:mainSHREDDER: xmlCreateURLParserCtxt("
http://monetdb.cwi.nl/XQuery/files/bib.xml") failed
ERROR: CMDshred2bats: operation failed.
ERROR: interpret_params: +(param 2): evaluation error.

Is it connection problem? How to modify the connection settings so that I
can download data from internet?

3. voc2.xq and voc5.xq give the following error:

type error: [err:XPTY0004] Orderspec requires at most one atomic item
(given: string*).

4. Where is the shredded document being stored? Is it in the place where I
install the program or in My Documents? Because before I uninstall 0.10.2, I
shredded some documents, and after I uninstall then install 0.12.0, the
shredded xml documents are still there.


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