[Monetdb-developers] [Monetdb-sql-checkins] sql/NT configure.py, 1.51, 1.52 rules.msc, 1.37, 1.38

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Sun Dec 31 15:56:04 CET 2006

Stefan Manegold wrote:
> Update of /cvsroot/monetdb/sql/NT
> In directory sc8-pr-cvs7.sourceforge.net:/tmp/cvs-serv13165/NT
> Modified Files:
> 	configure.py rules.msc 
> Log Message:
> cleaning-up & preparing the "monet5" to "MonetDB5" move:
> - renamed all remaining MONET5_* (enironnment-) variables to MONETDB5_*
> - renamed all remaining *_monet5 aliases to *_MonetDB5
> In case you use any MONET5_* (enironnment-) variables or
> *_monet5 aliases in your own scripts,
> you need to rename them to MONETDB5_* respectively *_MonetDB5,
> too.

Oops, it seems you have been out of the loop or overwhelmed with
emails regarding the BIG BANG cleanup.

I already mentioned to sjoerd/niels/fabian/... that the naming
of packages should be given some thought and discussed.

- move the package names to lower-case instead of a mixture of upper/lower
- suggested packages names (if feasible on SF), buildtools,gdkcommon, clients,
monet4, monet5, sql, and pathfinder.

This propably won't affect your Environment variables.

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