[Monetdb-developers] bootstrap: why does it remove .orig files?

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Wed Dec 6 10:18:00 CET 2006

Hi all,

I just found out I lost some (hours of) work, because de-bootstrap
threw away some files which I temporarily renamed to "*.orig".  Whether
or not this was a good idea, I'm wondering what de-bootstrap's rationale
is to remove those "original" files, which I don't think that match the
description of de-bootstrap:

	This script ("./de-bootstrap") can be used to clean up the source tree,
	i.e., to remove all files that were created by "./bootstrap".


In my case it did remove a file that was NOT created by bootstrap, and
if bootstrap ever has a patch failing and produces an .orig (and .rej)
file, I might prefer my unclobbered file to exist.

In any case, I am NOT amused, and think -- considering the many
wildcards in the script -- that it does far from what its description

Of course it asks me whether or not I want to delete stuff, but sorry, I
haven't written a script yet that performs the task de-bootstrap should
have done to see whether it throws away a file it shouldn't even want to
touch.  And manually examining the two terminal heights long list of
files also isn't my speciality.


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