[Monetdb-developers] Unable to shred 1gb xml file (OS: Not enough space)

kla gw klarinda.gw at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 05:54:47 CEST 2006

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply.

> Concerning your, it looks as if the 1GB requires more (virtual) memory
> (and/or disk space) to load than is available on your system. The error
> indicates that MonetDB/XQuery fails to allocate 442499072 bytes (422 MB),
> while already 794361856 bytes (757 MB) of your machine's virtual memory (512
> MB physical memory plus the size of your Windows installation's "page file")
> are used by MonetDB. Most probably, your virtual memory is less than
> 422 MB + 757 MB = 1179 MB, right?
> It could also be, that you harddisk (at least the partition used by MonetDB)
> has only less then 422 MB free at the time that MonetDB/XQuery tries to
> allocate the extra 422 MB.

I'm sorry, I don't really understand about the memory thing. But when
I check in: Right Click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced ->
Performance Settings -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory Change, it is said
    Drive C: Paging File Size 768-1536 MB
    Space Available: 3156MB

My Hard Disk free space in Drive C is 2.33 GB (total is 12 GB).

I use windows XP Professional version 2002 service pack 2, Pentium 4
CPU, 2.40GHz, 512 MB of RAM.

How much memory and space does monetDB use?

How to change the MonetDB/XQuery setting to shred the file in
"D:\MyFolder\MonetDB" instead of the default location "C:\Documents
and Settings\klarinda\Application Data\MonetDB\dbfarm"?

> To test this, we'd need to have your document --- the pure size of the
> serialized document is not enough information for us to estimate how big the
> internal data structure will/must be --- we also need to know (a.o.) how
> many nodes the document has, what the structure look like, etc.

You can download the file (DC1000catalog.xml) from here:
(the file is only available for 7 days)
The size after zipping is around 214mb.

> I tried to generate your document myself in order to analyse the problem,
> but (while working fine for Text-Centric documents) the XBench/ToXgene
> generator fails for me with Document-Centric documents (at least with the
> "large" and "huge" ones):

I don't know why it throws error. I get it from my friend and it's
working fine. Have you tried the small and normal? Actually I also
never tried the huge one.

> One final question (for now): Which version of MonetDB/XQuery are you using?

I'm using version 0.12.0
FYI, previously I installed 0.10.2, then I uninstall it and install a new one.



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