[Monetdb-developers] meeting notes

Niels Nes Niels.Nes at cwi.nl
Thu Apr 27 21:31:08 CEST 2006

On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 09:25:43PM +0200, Martin Kersten wrote:
> Niels Nes wrote:
> >MonetDB developers
> >
> >Before this MonetDB 4 release we are going for an alpha release via a 
> >'tarball' of the MonetDB 5 development on May 05. This will be the first 
> >public release of the MonetDB 5 code base.
> >
> During the meeting, the planning for a meta-CVS was identified as
> needed. This seems particular relevant for M5, because it could
> reduce install complexity.
> Is this action finished before May 5?

I don't think so, but for the particular tarball release this isn't important.
The discussed meta-CVS project is intended for simplifying the building of
MonetDB projects. For example it will be responsible for the 'easy' build 
(on linux I guess) of Buildtools, MonetDB-4, SQL and Xquery, from CVS sources.
Later this could also be used for M5.



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