[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB seems not to list FreeBSD as a supported platform

Jukka A. Ukkonen jau at iki.fi
Mon Apr 17 12:14:53 CEST 2006

Quoting Stefan Manegold:
> > We did try once and fixed the problems we found then. But we do not currently
> > have access on a FreeBSD machine and therefor cannot run our nightly testing
> > easily. So its a lack of time and/or resources.

	Have you asked any of the mailing lists freebsd-questions@,
	freebsd-database@ or freebsd-ports@ mailing lists.

	Regrettably I cannot offer a test platform myself for the time
	being, but some people on those mailing lists might be able to
	help you.

	I did a quick "make ; make check" and at least that did not
	whine awfully much compare to the number of test it did.
	Anyhow eventually the test complained in relatively strong


    1 out of 296 tests could not be executed
    2 out of 296 tests produced slightly different output
    4 out of 296 tests produced SIGNIFICANTLY different output

	Since my test environment was a dual processor system I can
	confirm that lt-Mserver was occasionally using about 120%
	of one processor cpu time. So, it seems to be able to split
	its work load to multiple cpus.

	Have you done any other documented performance comparisons
	with lets say postgresql but the one table shown in


	The figures in there are very promising indeed. It would be
	nice to see similar tables compiled about multiple tests
	stressing different features. It would also make a world of
	difference to anyone who is not really so much a database
	expert, if the nature and content of the tests were explained
	in more detail.

		// jau
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