[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB::CLI: MapiLib alternatives

Steffen Goeldner sgoeldner at cpan.org
Tue Sep 6 10:28:28 CEST 2005

Sjoerd Mullender wrote:

> Steffen Goeldner wrote:
>> I'd like to add a more perlish layer around MapiLib (working title:
>> MonetDB::CLI). This may look like:
> Sounds a bit like the CMapi module in the src/mapi/clients/python/Cimpl
> directory.

Exactly! Probably, I don't wrap all Mapi functions, but concentrate on
those I need in DBD::monetdb. And I'll keep an eye on MCL.
Regarding CMapi.py (from an amateurish point of view): result_error() is
never used. Shouldn't the query*() methods (and maybe others) check for
these errors?


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