[Monetdb-developers] Directories not created by install

Ying Zhang Y.Zhang at cwi.nl
Fri Sep 2 13:12:44 CEST 2005

Hello Robi,

First of all, thanks for using MonetDB.

Mknife is not actively developed (any more) and I believe it is rarely 
used. So it is certainly not bug free.

If you want to interact with the MonetDB server, I would like to 
recommend you to use either the MonetDB console or MapiClient to talk 
with the database server.

Under "Documentation" there are more documentations which might be 
helpful to get start with MonetDB.

Kind Regards,

Jennie Zhang

Robi Sen wrote:
> I just installed the windows version of MonetDB and tried to follow the Tutorial on Mknife but was unable to connect.  Looking at my system neither of the files /infosets/MILinfoset.xml;/infosets/MILdemo.xml
> where created nor where the directories.  Is this a know issue?

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