[Monetdb-developers] JDBC/MonetDB performance test

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Sat Oct 15 00:09:26 CEST 2005

Can you say anything about the default settings for logging and TM 
management. It is known that such facors may greatly impact perceived

regards, Martin

Fabian Groffen wrote:
> Inspired by a student's preliminary test program, I conducted a -- at 
> first quite innocent -- experiment to see how 'fast' MonetDB is and it's 
> upcoming major release; MonetDB/Five.
> The conducted experiment mainly consists of inserting 8000, 19200 and 
> 152800 tuples into three tables respectively.  There are no constraints 
> in use, as such it is quite 'dumb', but aggressive inserting.  This 
> inserting of values was done in three different ways:
> 1) using plain INSERT INTO statements (DBTestI)
> 2) using INSERT INTO statements batched by the JDBC driver (DBTest) [1]
> 3) using PreparedStatements to insert the date (DBTestP)
> I timed the wall-clock times of PostgreSQL 8.0.3 (PG8), MySQL 4.0.25 
> with InnoDB (My4), MonetDB 4.8.2 (M4) and todays CVS version of 
> MonetDB/Five (M5).  The JDBC drivers used for PostgreSQL and MySQL were 
> the latest stable versions available, for MonetDB the released version 
> and a progressive/experimental version were tested.  This is marked with 
> an 's' for the stable released version and 'p' for the progressive version.
> The databases run on a Dual Athlon MP 1600+ with 1GB of main-memory 
> running Gentoo Linux with a 2.6.12 kernel (pegatoo).  Two series of 
> tests were performed; a local and remote version.  In the local variant 
> both the client application (with JDBC driver) and database server run 
> on the same machine (as mentioned before).  In the remote variant the 
> client is on a different machine that is hardware wise equal to the 
> machine that runs the database (crux).  Both machines are directly 
> connected to each other.
> The results follow in the table below:
>                  PG8       My4       M4s     M4p       M5s     M5p
>    JDBC local
>    - DBTestI     37s       27s       90s     86s       62s     60s
>    - DBTest      19s       27s       60s     59s       46s     46s
>    - DBTestP     14s       27s       63s     64s       59s     60s
>    JDBC remote
>    - DBTestI     49s       37s       84s     85s       62s     62s
>    - DBTest      19s       37s       57s     58s       43s     43s
>    - DBTestP     14s       37s       66s     62s       53s     53s
>    JDBC remote [2]
>    - DBTestI    197s      168s         >1201s            >1545s
>    - DBTest      67s      168s       76s     77s       61s     63s
>    - DBTestP     68s      168s       75s     77s       66s     70s
> The results are somewhat 'confusing'.
> [1] Note: the program was not called DBTestB because it was submitted by 
> the students under this name.
> [2] To simulate a slow link, we used an ssh tunnel to the database 
> server as connection link, instead of a direct connection
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