[Monetdb-developers] BUG in MonetDB V4.8.2 for windows

Romulo Gonçalves romulog at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 23:12:55 CEST 2005

This email is to report a bug in MonetDB V4.8.2 for windows.

My name is Rómulo Gonçalves, number 0536601.

When I tried to insert one date value into one table with this code:

Data dat = new Date();

Insert Into Statistic_URL values(dat,2,1);

and I receive this error:

parse error, expecting `','' or `')'' in: "insert into statistic_url
values(tue oct"

So I tried wiht this way:

Insert Into Statistic_URL values('dat',2,1);

I receive this error:

ERROR: INSERT INTO: NOT NULL constraint violated for column

I think this means that the data is not parseable, so it becomes null.

I hope you understand the bug. If you do not understand something just send
an email to me.

Greets, Rómulo........
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