[Monetdb-developers] 2nd MonetDB-Bug-Day: Wed, Nov 9 2005 (next week)

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Fri Nov 4 15:34:19 CET 2005

(some of you might already have see this one coming; 
 cf. http://www.cwi.nl/htbin/cwwwi/agenda?datum=2005_11+dag=09 ;-))

Dear all,

given the success of the 1st MonetDB-Bug-Day on Oct 06 2005,

8 participants managed to check 347 of the then 721 bug reports, added 97
new test scripts, re-opened some bugs that still/again fail and filed 9 new
bug reports; see
for details,

there will by a 2nd MonetDB-Bug-Day to (hopefully) check the remaining 347
bug reports (plus those filed since Oct 06 2005), and produce proper test
scripts for our automatic Nightly Multi-Platform Regression Test System (aka
"TestWeb"; cf. http://monetdb.cwi.nl/Development/TestWeb/):

When:   Wednesday, Nov 9, 2005, "all day" (or as much time as you can spent)

Where:  Mainly at CWI, but you're also welcome to join "virtually" working
        from home or any other place in the world;
        for those who (again) want to turn the Bug-Day into a Bug-"Party", I
        reserved our meeting room (C0,01) from 8:00 - 23:00 --- you need to
        bring your own "equipment" though ...

Who:    Primarily everyone who is in touch with MonetDB, and/or one of its
        companions/front ends (SQL, XQuery, etc.), has rights to check-in to
        the MonetDB CVS repository on SourceForge, and is reasonably
        familiar with "Mtest.py" (cf.

What:   I will prepare a list of all bugs that have no test script, yet, and
	chop this in chunks, and assign each chunk to one participant so
	that [s]he can check them, and prepare the respective test scripts.

        More detailed instructions can be found at 
	and/or will follow before next Wednesday.

Note:	Though any help is appreciated, no one is "obliged" to help.
	Especially, there is no need to spent the whole day (though nine
	will complain if you do ;-)), anyone can join-in and leave whenever
	[s]he wants.

	For those of you participating at CWI, there will be free snacks and
	soft-drinks during the day (for the time you're "active"; as long as
	supplies lasts).
	Furthermore, there will be "real" drinks at the end of the Bug-Day
	(for participants, only; as long as supplies lasts; (maximum) amount
	 per person will be proportional to the number of test scripts added).

I hope to see especially (though not only) participants that I haven't seen
on the 1st MonetDB-Bug-Day ;-)

Once again thank you very much for your cooperation!

CU next Wednesday,


ps: Testing & the TestWeb are not (only?) my "toys"; it's "serious
    business", and helps all of you to (1) get a stable and reliable
    MonetDB, (2) monitor when your own bug reports get fixed, and (3)
    prevent the bugs you once thankfully detected, reported and/or fixed
    from occurring again!

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