[Monetdb-developers] SQL upgrade instructions

Fabian Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Fri May 27 11:23:28 CEST 2005

Sjoerd Mullender wrote:
>> Perhaps it is better not to give the reader too many options 
>> (confusing).  I'd prefer only giving the MapiClient --dump option, as 
>> it is much more clear to the user what is happening.
> Perhaps it is.  On the other hand, it would be good to document 
> *somewhere* the different techniques.  Also, the \D way of doing things 
> is handier for Windows users since the commandline interface is not 
> readily available.

Ok, I see your point.  What about making a clear distinction between 
Windows and normal users?

>> I will change the ebuild such that it refuses to update if the 
>> var/MonetDB/ directory isn't empty and suggests to do the update as 
>> written above.  It would be nice if this would be available somewhere 
>> on the web for that purpose.
> Not good, see below.

/me looks below

>> Is there a way to dump/restore MIL stuff?
> You do that from the *new* installation:
> Mserver (with *new* database--the default dbfarm should be changed)
> module(upgrade);
> convert("/.../bat");
> commit();
> quit();

yeah, but I just want to 'backup' my data and archive it.  I don't want 
to convert anything, I just want to store it in a save place.  I was 
just wondering whether there was some other option than copying the BATs.

> repeat for each database within the farm.

Ok.  I don't see the problem in an ebuild that refuses to update unless 
you clean your /var/MonetDB/(dbfarm|log).  This way I can message the 
user upfront that it should do something to preserve it's data. 
Pointing to a nice migration website with some FAQ should do the trick...

Q: I updated MonetDB and now if I start it, it repeatedly complains 
about 'invalid BAT' or something.  What's up?
A: The BAT format has changed to a new structure which is incompatible 
with old structures.  Either remove your old databases or migrate them, 
see [todo:migration page]

Q: I updated MonetDB/SQL and now I cannot start it.  The log file says 
something about 'incompatible database format'.  What should I do?
A: The SQL catalog database has changed, and is incompatible with its 
previous version.  If you don't care about your data you should clean 
out your dbfarm, if you do, you have a problem.  Reinstall the previous 
version of MonetDB/SQL and dump your database as described here 
[todo:migration SQL page].  Reinstall the newest version and restore 
your database.

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