[Monetdb-developers] help! where i get manual

Fabian Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Thu May 26 16:01:23 CEST 2005


Thanks for your interest in MonetDB.  The technical documentation of the
MonetDB kernel can be found on our webpage, http://monetdb.cwi.nl/ for
MIL: http://monetdb.cwi.nl/TechDocs/FrontEnds/mil/index.html

The SQL documentation is limited to how to get yourself going
Our SQL syntax is conforming to the SQL/99 standard.  We currently have
not made a manual for the SQL/99 standard.  A little help I can give you
is that PostgreSQL is fairly SQL/99 conformant as well, and as such
PostgreSQL queries are a good starting point for MonetDB/SQL.


liudawei wrote:
> Hi:
> I am a starter on MonetDB,I am interesting in this excllent Database.My 
> questions are is:
> 1) where I can  get the manual of Monet Server and SQL Front  End.
> best regards
> Peter Chen
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