[Monetdb-developers] problem with ODBC driver

G.G. Dijkstra g.g.dijkstra at inter.nl.net
Sat Mar 12 20:51:44 CET 2005


I have installed MonetDB after reading the article in Computable. 
Everythings seems to work (SQP client, Mknife sql demo) but I have a 
problem with ODBC.

Mknife MIL 4.3 demo reports "connection failed"
Microsoft ODBC data source adminstrator: when I select the MonetDB 
driver and click on 'configure' I get the error message ' teh setup 
routines for the MonetDB ODBC driver ODBC driver could not be loaded due 
to system error code 126." and next: "could not load the setup or 
translator library"

I also tried to connect the database from MS-Excel as showed in the 
example on the MonetDB website. Same error (126).

Can you help to solve this problem?
(I use Windows 2000 prof sr4)

Thanks in advance,

Gerard Dijkstra

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