[Monetdb-developers] FYI: DBD::monetdb test suite via MonetDB ODBC Driver

Steffen Goeldner sgoeldner at cpan.org
Wed Jun 29 13:56:54 CEST 2005

FYI, I'm using the DBD::monetdb test suite to test the
MonetDB ODBC Driver:

   set DBI_DSN=dbi:ODBC:driver=MonetDB ODBC Driver
   dmake test

Here is the test summary:

   Failed Test Stat Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed
   t\02cxn.t      5  1280     8    4  50.00%  7-8
   t\12bind.t     1   256     6    1  16.67%  3
   t\13count.t   16  4096    30   16  53.33%  12-27
   t\23null.t   255 65280    14   22 157.14%  4-14
   1 test and 2 subtests skipped.
   Failed 4/22 test scripts, 81.82% okay. 30/382 subtests failed, 92.15% okay.

In light of all the additional layers, this is an
unexpected good result. (Admittedly, my tests are
not very aggressive.)
And, even better, all is on the mend:


     This is a bug in DBD::ODBC:


     fixed in svn:



     This is bug #1229018:



     This is a bug in DBD::ODBC.

     It looks like DBD::ODBC doesn't expect that an
     ODBC driver is able to return the number of rows
     of a result set.


     This is bug #1225455:



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