[Monetdb-developers] New release-candidates "MonetDB-4.6.0_rc0" & "MonetDB-SQL-2.6.0_rc0"

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Fri Jan 21 00:30:43 CET 2005

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Dear MonetDB users and developers 
(and those who want to become either or both ;-),

In preparation for the release of the new 

	MonetDB-4.6.0 & MonetDB-SQL-2.6.0

(planned for February 14 2005,
 cf. http://monetdb.cwi.nl/Development/Roadmap/), 
I just prepared the respective

	release-candidate branches "MonetDB_4-6" & "SQL_2-6"

in our CVS repository on SourceForge
The first release-candidate versions are

	tagged as "MonetDB_4-6-0_rc0" & "SQL_2-6-0_rc0",


Pre-packaged source- & binary-distributions are not available, yet, but they
will be made available for download with in a few days, and announced

All users are highly advised (actually "requested" ;-)
to use the new release-candidate( branche)s as of now
(see below for details concerning CVS checkout/update).

Please do not hesitate to ask for support and report bugs or problems,
preferably via the bug tracing system at SourceForge
(http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=56967&atid=482468) or via email to
monet at cwi.nl; however, please always state clearly, which version of
MonetDB-SQL you are using (as the Mserver tells you at startup)!

Any support for the now obsolete "MonetDB-4.4.x" & "MonetDB-SQL_2.4.x"
will stop as of now.


 - Background
 - Change Logs
 - CVS update
 - CVS check-ins
 - Testing


Trying to stick to our road-map
we plan the release of MonetDB-4.6.0 + MonetDB-SQL-2.6.0 
for February 14 2004.

As with earlier "pre-releases" of MonetDB & MonetDB-SQL, we start with
"release-candidates" to allow testing by a larger group of users before we
finally make the actual releases.
Hence, starting to use the release-candidates as soon as possible will only
be for your own benefit ;-)

According to our TestWeb
both MonetDB and SQL are doing quite well right now; hence, I don't expect
any (major) problems.

Change Logs

Information about the major changes since MonetDB-4.4.2 / MonetDB-SQL_2.4.2
will follow with the pre-packaged source- & binary-distributions within a
few days.

CVS update

If you are already using the release branches "MonetDB_4-4-0" and
"SQL_2-4-0" from CVS, simply run
	"cvs update -dP"
to update your code to this new release candidate version.

If you are already using a CVS version of MonetDB/MonetDB-SQL, 
you can run either
	"cvs update -dP -rMonetDB_4-6-0_rc0"
	"cvs update -dP -rSQL_2-6-0_rc0"
to get this very release candidate, or
	"cvs update -dP -rMonetDB_4-6"
	"cvs update -dP -rSQL_2-6"
to get the most recent version in the release candidate branch. The
difference is, that via the first option, you are "stuck" with this very
release candidate, i.e., future "cvs update -dP" (without "-r..." or "-A")
will not change your checked-out version; via the second option, however,
future "cvs update -dP" will get you again the latest version in the release
candidate branch.

CVS check-ins

All bug fixes (and only these!) on MonetDB and/or SQL are bound to go to the
new release-candidate branches ("MonetDB_4-6"/"SQL_2-6"), only.
On a regular basis, I will then take care of propagating these bug-fixes
back to the respective main branch.

All new features are bound to go to the main branches (and only there!).

This release-candidate branch will become the new stable/release branch
within the next 3 weeks.


Nightly automatic testing will proceed "as usual".
See http://monetdb.cwi.nl/Development/TestWeb/ for details.

As usually, any (constructive;-) comments and feedback are more than welcome!



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