[Monetdb-developers] MONET-PHP

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Mon Dec 19 09:18:47 CET 2005


Thanks for (trying to) using MonetDB.  The problem you describe seems
like a Gentoo ebuild problem rather than a MonetDB problem to me.  Could
you please file a bug at Gentoo Bugzilla (http://bugs.gentoo.org/)?  If
you are able to, you can assign it to its maintainer (which also happens
to be me by coincidence...), or just under the default category Gentoo
Linux, then the bug wranglers will assign it to the right person.

On 19-12-2005 04:21:30 +0000, Goker Burak Cetin wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am planning to use monetdb for my thesis.
> But I have a problem with PHP module. I'll be glad if somebody supply me 
> a solution.
> I'm using gentoo... And compiling monetdb on that distribution  produces 
> debug version of PHP module.
> Because my PHP compiled with "no-debug" ... those two do not want to 
> work together :)
> I even changed ebuild script and added "--no-debug" string. But could't 
> be able to get no-debug version of PHP mapi client module.
> And I couldn't find anywhere that make.standalone script that told in 
> README file..
> Would anybody advise please ...
> Thanks in Advance.
> And Regards.

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