[Monetdb-developers] Re: 3rd MonetDB-Bug-Day: Mon, Dec 19 2005 (today)

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Mon Dec 19 01:33:38 CET 2005

Dear all,

here are some more informations for the 3rd MonetDB-Bug-Day today.

Please note, though it's called Bug-*Day*, you don't have to spend the whole
day writing test scripts (though no one would mind if you do ;-)).
Below you find chunks of 10 bug reports each; simply claim one chunk at a
time (by group-reply to this email) whenever you feel like you could spend
some minutes on this "community task", check the 10 reports and provide the
test script where necessary/applicable.
If we don't manage to finish the 21 chunks tomorrow, everybody is welcome to
pick more chunk(s) any time later...

Of course, next to (or instead of) adding test scripts, you're also welcome
to fix open bugs (and add the test script for each bug you fix)!


No  Offsets      BugIDs        #  URL
 1  550-558  1206432-1206985   9  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=550

 2  589-599  1210748-1214335  11  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=589
 3  600-609  1214372-1218281  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=600
 4  610-619  1218291-1227493  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=610
 5  620-629  1229018-1238228  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=620
 6  630-639  1238352-1242164  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=630
 7  640-649  1244326-1257463  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=640
 8  650-659  1259668-1263967  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=650
 9  660-669  1265413-1274819  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=660
10  670-679  1274903-1281996  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=670
11  680-689  1283842-1293196  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=680
12  690-698  1294712-1298707   9  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=690

13  710-719  1313271-1315339  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=710
14  720-729  1315653-1324575  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=720
15  730-739  1327854-1334536  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=730
16  740-749  1337630-1347331  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=740
17  750-759  1347758-1353883  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=750
18  760-769  1354321-1358222  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=750
19  770-779  1359071-1363729  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=750
20  780-789  1363733-1371524  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=750
21  790-799  1373391-1380287  10  http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=56967&atid=482468&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=0&_category=0&_group=0&order=artifact_id&sort=ASC&offset=750

General issues

Please pick one chunk at a time and indicate you choice by (group) replying
to this mail. I will resolve clashes where necessary.  I don't expect more
than 21 people participating (concurrently), hence sub-dividing the chunks
should not be necessary ;-)
In case you cannot finish your last chunk by tonight (for whatever reason),
please let me know (via email) which of the reports you finished, and which
you didn't.
(Please see below for details what to do in case your hit a report that
requires a test script, but for which you cannot create a test script.)


Obviously, you need to have MonetDB (plus SQL or XQuery for those bugs)
installed and running; preferably an up-to-date ssh-based (non anonymous)
CVS check out of either the release branches (MonetDB_4-8, SQL_2-8,
XQuery_0-8) or the respective CVS heads. Anonymous (pserver-based) CVS check
outs or source distributions should also work, but then you cannot check-in
your tests directly (see below on how to participate and submit test script
in this case).

Stable vs. Current

In principle, it does not matter, whether you're using the Stable release
branch(es) or the Current development head(s). Use what ever you like best
(or have already running).

Test directories

Your tests must be located (and hence checked in) in the following

	MonetDB 4.9.3:    MonetDB/tests/BugDay_2005-12-19_4.9.3/Tests/
	SQL     2.9.3:     sql/src/test/BugDay_2005-12-19_2.9.3/Tests/
	XQuery  0.9.3: pathfinder/tests/BugDay_2005-12-19_0.9.3/Tests/

To indicate the progress (see below for details), please use the following
codes when adding comments to the bug report

code                      explanation
RELEASED / REASSIGN     | the "claimer" of the bug wasn't able to create a
                        | script from the bug due to insufficient
                        | knowledge.  Append reason, e.g. "XQuery".
                        | Also set status of closed bugs to "pending".
ALREADY IN TESTWEB      | the script was already in CVS and TestWeb 
                        | (added location of existing test script).
TEST ADDED / SUCCESS    | a script was added (append location & name) and
                        | works correctly.
TEST ADDED / FAILURE    | a script was added, but it fails (bad output).
                        | Re-open closed bug!
TEST SUBMITTED          | a script was made, but sent to Stefan (for
                        | non-CVS participants)
NO TEST / COMPILATION   | no test was added because the bug deals with a
                        | compilation problem. 
NO TEST / DOCUMENTATION | no test was added because the bug deals with a
                        | documentation issue, or misleading help text,
                        | etc.
NO TEST / REDUNDANT     | no test was added, because either the bug itself
                        | is a duplicate, or the test that follows out of
                        | the bug would clearly be duplicating another
                        | existing bug.  When extending another bug to
                        | remove redundancy use TEST ADDED / SUCCESS and
                        | give the name of the already existing updated
                        | bug.

Note: the last action is only meant for experts in their field ;)

An example message on the SF bug could be:

  	BugDay_2005-12-19, <your name>: TEST ADDED / SUCCESS

The Task/Procedure

Claim a chunk of bugs as described above, and then process each bug as

Checking for existence

Once claimed, you first check, whether there is already a test script for
this bug (i.e., a test script that contains the respective ID in its
filename) available in one of


If so, you should indicate this be adding a comment like

	BugDay_2005-12-19, <your name>: ALREADY IN TESTWEB

to the respective bug report on SF, and you're done with this bug, and can
proceed to the next one.

If there is no test script, yet, you need to create one:

Naming conventions

Names of test scripts must include a descriptive part (of reasonable length)
and the SF bug ID, like


i.e., the pattern is 


Creating test scripts

Most bug reports come with some MIL-, SQL-, XQuery-code, or some other
description/instructions how to reproduce the bug. The basic task is to put
this into a proper "Mtest-compliant" test script. In most cases, this is
just a .milS, .sql, or .xq file.
See http://monetdb.cwi.nl/monet/src/testing/README for details about Mtest.py .
In case of doubt, please feel free to contact any of your colleagues that might 
be more familiar with Mtest --- or me of course ;-)
Of course, you're welcome to extend the test if appropriate.

In case it is obvious that the bug does not require a test script (e.g.,
compilation, installation, documentation, or web site bugs), please indicate
this by adding a comment like

	BugDay_2005-12-19, <your name>: NO TEST / <good reason>

to the respective bug report on SF, and proceed with the next bug.

If a test script is required, but you don't know how to make it (for this
particular bug), please feel free to ask for help (or "release" the bug
report, again).

Running Mtest

Once you made the test script, you need to run the test. In case you're
using `source conf/conf.bash` to setup your MonetDB environment, you can
simply call one of

	Mtest_MonetDB <descriptive-name>.SF-<BugID>
	Mtest_sql <descriptive-name>.SF-<BugID>
	Mtest_pathfinder <descriptive-name>.SF-<BugID>

in the respective directory as listed above.
See `Mtest.py --help` for command line options.

Note: Do NOT change or check-in the "All" file!

This is not required to run tests that are explicitly given on Mtest's
command line. I'll will fill the "All" files at the end of the BugDay.

Creating / fixing stable output

After running Mtest, you need to check the output by pointing your browser
to the file given at the end of Mtest's console output.

In case the output is correct and as expected, you can approve it by running

	Mapprove_MonetDB <descriptive-name>.SF-<BugID>
	Mapprove_sql <descriptive-name>.SF-<BugID>
	Mapprove_pathfinder <descriptive-name>.SF-<BugID>

in the respective directory as listed above.
In case running the test failed, please fix the test and start again with
running Mtest.

In case the output is not correct or not as expected, you first approve the
output as described above, but then edit the files


by hand to create the correct/expected output.

In any case, you then re-run Mtest, and check the output by pointing your
browser to the file given at the end of Mtest's console output.

In case everything is "green" (i.e., OK), you can check-in all files related
to the test (including the stable output!), indicate the success by adding a
comment like

	BugDay_2005-12-19, <your name>: TEST ADDED / SUCCESS

to the respective bug report on SF, and proceed with the next bug.

In case there is still a red 'X' (because MonetDB does not produce the
correct/expected output), you also check-in all files, but indicate the
problem by a comment like

	BugDay_2005-12-19, <your name>: TEST ADDED / FAILURE

	<possibly a description of the failure>

to the respective bug report on SF, and *re-open* this bug report,
before proceeding with the next bug.

Anonymous CVS check outs and source distributions

All the above holds, except from the CVS check-in of the new test scripts.
Instead, you send me (Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl) a .tar[.gz] or .zip file
including all your new test scripts by the end of your BugDay.

In case you intend to participate without CVS access, please let me know so
as soon as you start.

Pooh, I guess that's it for now.
I hope, I didn't forget anything --- if so, feel free to ask!
(via email, skype, or personally later at CWI).

cu later,


On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 01:52:30PM +0100, Stefan Manegold wrote:
> Dear all,
> given the success of the first two MonetDB-Bug-Days on Oct 06 2005 and Nov
> 09 2005,
> --- we managed to check 460 bug reports, added missing test scripts,
> re-opened bugs that still/again fail and filed new bug reports ---
> there will by a 3rd MonetDB-Bug-Day to (hopefully) check the remaining ~225
> bug reports, and produce proper test scripts for our automatic Nightly
> Multi-Platform Regression Test System (aka "TestWeb"; cf.
> http://monetdb.cwi.nl/Development/TestWeb/):
> When:   Monday, Dec 19, 2005, "all day" (or as much time as you can spent)
> Where:  Mainly at CWI, but you're also welcome to join "virtually" working
>         from home or any other place in the world;
>         for those who (again) want to turn the Bug-Day into a Bug-"Party", I
>         reserved our meeting room (C0,01) from 9:00 - 17:00 --- you need to
>         bring your own "equipment" though ...
> Who:    Primarily everyone who is in touch with MonetDB, and/or one of its
>         companions/front ends (SQL, XQuery, etc.), has rights to check-in to
>         the MonetDB CVS repository on SourceForge; experiences with
>         "Mtest.py" (cf.  http://monetdb.cwi.nl/monet/src/testing/README) are
>         helpful, but can also be aquired during the MonetDB-Bug-Day.
> What:   I will prepare a list of all bugs that have no test script, yet, and
> 	chop this in chunks, and assign each chunk to one participant so
> 	that [s]he can check them, and prepare the respective test scripts.
>         More detailed instructions will follow before Monday.
> Note:	Though any help is appreciated, no one is "obliged" to help.
> 	Especially, there is no need to spent the whole day (though nine
> 	will complain if you do ;-)), anyone can join-in and leave whenever
> 	[s]he wants.
> 	For those of you participating at CWI, there will be free snacks and
> 	soft-drinks during the day (for the time you're "active"; as long as
> 	supplies lasts).
> 	Furthermore, there will be "real" drinks at the end of the Bug-Day
> 	(for participants, only; as long as supplies lasts; (maximum) amount
> 	 per person will be proportional to the number of test scripts added).
> I hope to see especially (though not only) participants that I haven't seen
> on the previous MonetDB-Bug-Days ;-)
> Once again thank you very much for your cooperation!
> CU next Monday,
> Stefan
> ps: Testing & the TestWeb are not (only?) my "toys"; it's "serious
>     business", and helps all of you to (1) get a stable and reliable
>     MonetDB, (2) monitor when your own bug reports get fixed, and (3)
>     prevent the bugs you once thankfully detected, reported and/or fixed
>     from occurring again!

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