[Monetdb-developers] JDBC/MonetDB performance test

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Sun Dec 18 22:23:34 CET 2005

A new round of MAPI protocol changes (sorry Steffen ;) ) also means a
new round of performance figures.  This time I rearranged the tables to
deal with MonetDB or its successor MonetDB/Five only.  To keep a bit of
track on what we have gained, I decided to keep the previous results
around.  Hence, I included Mx1, Mx2 ... MxN in the tables, where x = 4
for MonetDB and x = 5 for MonetDB/Five.  The 1, 2 ... N represent the
natural order in which the experiments were conducted.  For the record
and future generations:
Mx1: MAPI/SQL protocol as used for ages
Mx2: blockmode protocol opmisation: suppres empty blocks, and use
     smaller ints (2 byte iso 4).  These experiments were unfortunately
     only conducted on MonetDB.
Mx3: first optimisaton to MAPI/SQL by compressing the number of headers
     per result.  4 to 5 headers/lines could be combined into 1.
Mx4: continuation of the first optimisation by removing the prompt (=
     one line) in blockmode streams, resulting in for updates only one
     line sent by the server to the client instead of 2 (used to be 4).

                  PG8       My4       M41     M42     M43     M44
    JDBC local
    - DBTestI     37s       27s       90s     62s     49s     39s
    - DBTest      19s       27s       60s     48s     27s     20s
    - DBTestP     14s       27s       63s     61s     28s     22s
    JDBC remote
    - DBTestI     49s       37s       84s     ??s     56s     48s
    - DBTest      19s       37s       57s     ??s     28s     21s
    - DBTestP     14s       37s       66s     ??s     29s     22s

                  PG8       My4       M51     M52     M53     M54
    JDBC local
    - DBTestI     37s       27s       62s     ??s     39s     30s
    - DBTest      19s       27s       46s     ??s     19s     13s
    - DBTestP     14s       27s       59s     ??s     23s     18s
    JDBC remote
    - DBTestI     49s       37s       62s     ??s     49s     40s
    - DBTest      19s       37s       43s     ??s     21s     14s
    - DBTestP     14s       37s       53s     ??s     25s     18s

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