[Monetdb-developers] Re: PFTIJAH CVS branch for Pathfinder

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Tue Dec 6 11:15:52 CET 2005

Hi Jan, Hi Henning,

first of all, sorry for the late reply --- I had been quite busy recently
--- only now (on short holidays in Germany ;-)) I found some time to write a
proper reply ...

Well, in principle creating a branch for 'pftijah' is no problem at all.
However, given the experiences I/we have with especially the update branch,
we should make very clear, (1) when/of which version of the main trunk the branch
is created, (2) how/when to propagate changes from the main trunk to the pftijah 
branch (preferably not from the pftijah branch to the main trunk, i.e. ALL
BUG fixes that also apply to the main trunk MUST be checked in to the main
branch (as well)), and (3) who is responsible for maintaining the pftijah
branch, propagating changes/bug-fixes from the main trunk to the pftijah
branch and testing(!) the pftijah branch.

About (1):
I guess, you prefer ASAP, hence waiting for the release that we plan for end
of January is no option, right?
This in turn means that all changes of the update branch, which will be
merged into the main trunk before the release (I guess just after new year),
then also have to be merged into the pftijah branch...

About (2) & (3):
Well, I have some experiences and script for the propagation which I'm more
than willing to share with who ever becomes the maintainer of the pftijah
branch --- surely not me ;-)

Let me know, what you think about this ...

Greetings from --- well, doesn't matter ;-)


On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 09:03:27AM +0100, Jan Flokstra wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> I'm going to start working on the possible integration of Tijah and 
> Pathfinder. The idea at this moment is to create a Tijah index on Pathfinder 
> documents. Then we will implement a nexi() function in Pathfinder which will 
> do the query on this Tijah index and will return Pathfinder nodes which can 
> be processed by Pathfinder.
> I tried to set up a separate module for this called 'pftijah' but this failed 
> beacause at this moment I need to be very close to Pathfinder. There will be 
> quite a lot of people on this problem so we need a CVS repository. So we 
> would like to have a special Pathfinder branch called 'PFTIJAH' from where we 
> could do our experiments and distribute them. This branch could be a branch 
> from the current HEAD or from an older stable version, whatever you consider 
> the best solution.
> Is it possible that you or somebody else creates such a branch for us???
> Regards, Jan Flokstra & Hennig Rode. 

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