[Monetdb-developers] AMD64 version of MonetDB for Windows?

Cardillo Raymond A Civ AFRL/IFEA Raymond.Cardillo at rl.af.mil
Fri Aug 19 22:02:14 CEST 2005

Has anyone out there taken the time to build an MSI for the AMD64 versions
of Windows?  The x64 version of Windows was released a few months ago and
was available in Beta for a while, so I'm hoping someone has either done
this already, or can provide some advice on how to build/compile for this
platform.  Anyone know of future plans to make this one of the standard
platform builds?  Windows x64 is only going to grow in popularity from here,
especially amongst researchers and others who can benefit from 64 bits.
Thanks for any info,
Ray Cardillo

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