[Monetdb-developers] RFC: "intermediate" stable release MonetDB-4.3.18 + SQL-2.0.18

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Sun May 23 17:18:57 CEST 2004

Dear fellow developers,

after recent changes, the latest SQL (intendedly) does not compile with the
stable MonetDB-4.3.16, anymore.

Moreover, we plan to have some "major" changes both on MonetDB and on SQL 
during the summer heading for the first "official" release MonetDB 4.4 in 

Hence, Niels and I had the idea to make a "snapshot" or "intermediate
stable" (pre-)release just before we start with major changes.

The proposal is to start new release candidate branches, both for MonetDB
and SQL (named MonetDB_4-3-18 and SQL_2-0-18, respectively) sometime this
week (i.e., before end of May), getting them, stable as soon as possible,
and aim for a release date about mid June.

The current MonetDB code base seems to be doing quite well, hence I do not
expect too much work, here, unless we plan to have some more new features
(Peter: xtables, aggregates, ...?; Stefan: merged-union?) in the code.

I guess, the same holds for SQL, but I'm not that sure, there.

Are there any other features, that should be included in this "intermediate

A new "stable" also means, that all add-ons that are currently tested with
4-3-16 need to be ported to 4-3-18 (i.e., XML, PathFinder (HEAD), pruning,
misq, gis, acoi) --- which probably requires a careful check, that
monetdb_config.h is included in the local *_config.h's, and that the latter
one is the FIRST include file in EACH .c file...

Any other comments, complaints, suggestions, ...?

Open issues (all, mine, I'm afraid |-() are:
 - testing on AIX (sara, "batch mode"),
 - testing on medusa (in Tilburg),
 - testing on native WindowsXP + VS .NET (on Sjoerd's machine)
 - clean-up / re-implementation of TestTools


ps: we could of course also postpone this action until after the ICDE
    deadline on July 2nd and condense it to at most one week ...

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