[Monetdb-developers] Build date in Mserver startup info

Arjan Scherpenisse A.C.Scherpenisse at cwi.nl
Mon May 3 14:49:13 CEST 2004

Stefan Manegold wrote:
> do you "only" do a "make" in the top dir, i.e., re-build only that parts
> that might have been changed by a "cvs update", or do you re-build from
> scratch? in the first case, the "last toplevel-build-date" would still
> require a force re-compile of some part...

You could let make on every invokation generate a build_date.c file

echo "const char *BUILD_DATE=\"`date -R`\";" > build_date.c

and let the file who needs the build date include it. This way it always 
gets recompiled.

  >>I would use it
>>to quickly check whether my automated nightly build has succeeded or not.
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> hm, I guess, we need to talk ... ;-)

Well, it's just a makefile which does a cvs update; make clean; 
./bootstrap etc, nothing really fancy here :)


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